What is Volumio?

Volumio is a free and Open Source Linux Distribution, which runs on a variety of devices, typically small and cheap computers like the Raspberry Pi, but also on low power PCs, notebooks or thin clients. It is designed and finely-tuned exclusively for bit-perfect music playback, transforming your device into a headless Audiophile Music Player, that is controlled via your mobile phone, computer or tablet.

What devices are supported?

There are recent images available for the Raspberry Pi (all variants), x86/x64 (PC/MAC), Odroid C1/C2, Allo Sparky, Pine64, & Asus Tinkerboard. There are also older images for Cubox-I, Beaglebone Black, Udoo Dual/Quad, Udoo Neo.

What are the device RAM (memory) requirements for Volumio?

Volumio will work much more smoothly and quickly in devices with more RAM. The recommended mimimum is 1GB, but people are running devices with less.

How do I enable ssh?

ssh is disabled by default, except on the first boot, for security reasons. It is a simple procedure to enable it if required.

What is a plugin?

The concept of a plugin is to expand the functionality of Volumio in a particular way, for example backup of data files. Most of these are written by the Volumio Community, and can be installed from the 'Plugins' section of the Volumio UI. Officially approved plugins may be installed directly from within the UI, whereas others are required to be downloaded as a zip file first. There is a list of the currently available plugins here.

Is there an app for Volumio?

Many people like to control Volumio simply from a browser, but there are dedicated apps available from both Apple's App Store & Google Play. Indeed, the official Volumio android app is one way of showing your support for Volumio.