Updating & Maintenance

How do I update Volumio?

Volumio features an OTA (Over The Air) updater, meant to allow a seamless and reliable way to update to new system versions. Please note that if you enable updating to intermediate beta/test versions, you risk making your system unreliable, and may need to carry out a 'factory reset' to the last stable version that you installed.

Caution: do not try to update your system by using 'sudo apt-get upgrade' ... this is likely to result in a non-functional system.

How do I do a 'factory reset?'

System settings may be returned to the first version that you installed by carrying out a 'factory reset' under 'System Settings.' Note that you will lose all of your settings by applying this option.

How can I backup my settings?

It is a good idea to have a backup of your settings (NAS, playlists, webradios etc.) and this is easily achieved by use of the 'Backup and Restore' plugin.