Everyone knows how tedious is to write documentation. But this is extremely important for every project, especially for Volumio. So if you find something incomplete, missing or wrong feel free to edit this doc and improve it.

How this doc works

This DOC is powered by DAUX.IO and the source is hosted on the Gitghub Volumio docs repository. To edit it, simply clone it, edit the pages located under /docs and issue a pull request. You can do either via command line or with a graphical tool, I personally suggest GitKraken.

Cloning and issing a Pull request

  1. Clone it
  1. Edit it ⋅⋅* I suggest Atom.io IDE together with Markdown Preview but any text editor will do ⋅⋅* Make sure you comply with DAUX rules (if you crete a new page, don't use spaces but _ and make sure the name ends with .md) ⋅⋅* This doc is written in Markdown language, and automatically converted to html. See the Markdown Cheatsheet to get used to it

  2. Commit it

git commit -m "Hey I changed this and that"
  1. Issue a pull request

  2. Once your PR gets accepted, in 2 minutes your contribution will be available to the whole community.

See changes live

To see your changes live, just download and launch any XAMMP environment to expose a php-capable local web server, and clone the docs under your htdocs folder. Docs will update in realtime and will be available under http://localhost/docs