Making DRC with Volumio and Brutefir

Thanks to the plugin, you'll be able to apply Digital Room Correction to your system.

The plugin is able to generate filters in few clicks, using : DRC

What is DRC?

The best thing is to read this : wikipedia DRC

To do that, several requirements :

For your device

  • Having a working Volumio system (obvious)
  • Having the plugin installed

Other softwares on your computer

  • REW to makes measurements : REW

If you want to make your filters "by hands" :

Other Hardware

  • A good Microphone. Idealy, you should use a calibrated measurements Mic. You can easily find such Microphone on internet. An usb model is about 100€ This is a very important point. If you make your measure with a poor mic, you'll get poor results...