Making Filters

When measurement(s) is exported you have 2 possibilities. You can create initial EQ filter in REW and import it into rePhase as a starting point or you can directly go in rephase and start creating filter from scratch.

For best results with Volumio and BruteFIR I recommend sampling rate of 96000 and 65536 filtersize/taps.

When doing EQ in rePhase try to follow these simple guidelines:

  • Avoid high Q corrections as much as you can.

  • Remember that dips are not as hearable as rises, so flatten the rise points but avoid to flatten dips unless they are deeper than app -8dB.

  • Avoid high gains as much as you can. Don't go over +18dB, even better if you can stay bellow +12dB.

  • There is an initial 6dB attenuation in BruteFIR. If your max filter is (for example) set to +16dB then set additional 10dB of attenuation in BruteFIR settings to avoid clipping.

  • Measure carefully! your correction will only be good as was your measurement. Repat measurements unless you have good correlation between MMM (RTA) and sweep measurements (make at least 5 of them and average them).

  • Remember that Room EQ is not an exact science, so may the Force be with you. ;)

Variant 1 : Creating initial EQ filter in REW

  • On the right side of EQ window under Equaliser choose rePhase

  • Under Target settings configure settings for your speakers

  • Under Target settings pressSet target level to have REW set the target level or configure it manually

  • Under Filter tasks hit Match response to target.

  • Hit EQ filters button to get dialog for additional manual filter adjustment

  • Hit Save filter settings to file to save REW EQ filter (which will be imported into rePhasse

  • Save your work under File/Save All Measurement

Variant 2 : Using rePhase

  • Choose Measurement/import from file to import REW measurement
  • Choose hide phase

  • Choose Ranges and adjust Amplitude to be from 0 dB to 70 dB (you should now have the same measurement graph as done in REW)

  • Under Paragraphic Gain EQ choose import REW filter settings to import REW parametric EQ filter

  • Configure following rePhase parameters: set taps to 65536, rate to 96000, filename to the name of of the filter and choose directory in which rephase will create filter

  • Hit generate to generate and save FIR filter

  • Save your work under File/Save settings

Now, get ready to test your filter!