Preparing Your system

To start install the plugin following the instructions on the : Brutefir Git-hub page. Then follow the following instructions:

  1. Once the plugin is installed, enabled it wait about 20 sec. Don't try to make any change in Volumio playback.
  2. The plugin will prompt you to reboot in order to perform hardware detection. Most of the time, a reboot is required to get good values.
  3. After a reboot try to play a track, if the music is playing, go to the next step.
    • If an error occurs go in plugin settings and try to change Output Format and Sample Rate. These are DAC dependant parameters.
  4. You can now test with a filter, just select demo-left.pcm and demo-right.pcm in plugin settings: (a few filters to test are installed by the plugin, they are placed in /data/INTERNAL/Dsp/filters) and press Apply. This can be done while playing. You should hear the difference.
    • Important: Applying filters will display a prompt to Test Clipping and set Attenuation. This is done by playing full volume pink noise. If your DAC support a volume mixer, it should be mute. In other case Turn down your volume before pressing Test

Now, let's see how to create your own filter, just designed for your hardware and room!

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Interface screenshots

Main Interface of the plugin

Filter Advanced Settings

VoBAF settings (optional)

Filter Creation (described in the following pages)

Tools (described in the following pages)