Compiling the Kernel

Armbian was using a default config linux-rockchip-default.config, to be found in $HOME/lib/config/kernel, which should be copied to ................. arch/arm/configs DEFCONFIG=linux-rockchip-default.config DTB=rk3288-miniarm.dtb

make clean does nothing on first compile, as there is nothing to clean. Otherwise it is a good idea to start with this when options are going to be changed.

cd $HOME/sources/linux-rockchip/miqi/release-4.4
make clean
make linux-rockchip-default_defconfig
make menuconfig

At this stage go to section File Systems and make sure overlayfs has been enabled as a module. Then go to Miscellaneous Filesystems and check if squashfs has been enabled as a module (including the various compression options). Then save and exit menuconfig.

When you want to keep the changes permanent:

cp .config arch/arm/configs/my_tinker-default_defconfig

Or easier if you keep the same name:

make savedefconfig

Continue compiling the kernel

make -jx                    (For x take 1.5 times the number of cpus you have available)

Save the kernel and dtb's

cp arch/arm/boot/zImage your-platform-file-folder/boot
cp arch/arm/boot/dts/*.dtb your-platform-file-folder/boot/dtb  

Save the modules and firmware