Getting the kernel Source

Use the Armbian Tool to get a patched kernel 4.4.xx

We will use the armbian toolset to download and compile the kernel only.
Go to
Make sure you meet the requiremens in “What do I need”

Follow the guide to run the script


From the menu, select “Kernel and u-boot packages”.
Then select “Tinkerboard” from the supported boards menu.
You will then have to select the kernel version & branch.
Pick the default “Vendor Provided / legacy (3.4.x – 4.4.x)” from the presented list.
This is not really “Vendor provided” in the true sense, as Armbian then clones from the mqmaker repo as explained above.
You can forget about u-boot and sunxi-tools, we do not need them for our purpose.

When you're building on a Ubuntu machine, you can continue with kernel compilation in



cd $HOME/sources/linux-rockchip/miqi/release-4.4
sudo make clean
cd ..
sudo tar cvfJ release-4.4.tar.xz ./release-4.4  

...then transfer the tarball, create $HOME/sources/linux-rockchip/miqi on your target system and unpack it in the miqi folder