First steps with Volumio

Main WEB-UI page

  • Once your system is configured with the helper, you'll see the main page of Volumio
  • Depending on the device you use to connect to Volumio, you'll see the desktop page or the mobile page.
  • Both provide the same features, but the user interaction is slightly different (to best match the connected device)

Mobile Main page of Volumio :

Desktop Main page of Volumio :

Main page description

Desktop version

1 - Playback control buttons

  • Play/Stop : obvious...
  • Previous : jump to previous track
  • Next : jump to next track

2 - Settings

Clicking this opens a menu containing all the settings for Volumio :

  • Sources : Music sources (NAS and USB devices) and album art management
  • Playback : Output device settings (dac, mixer, resampling)
  • Appearance : To select your language, image background or color
  • Network : Set your WiFi, ethernet, DNS and control the Hotspot
  • System : Name your device, check version number and update if available, reset your system, and see credits for Volumio
  • Plugins : To add features to Volumio such as Streaming services (Spotify, etc), gpio management, equalizer, Internet radio ...
  • Alarm : You love to wake up with your favorite music ? It's here!
  • Sleep : You love listening to music before sleeping ? It's Here!
  • Shutdown : To stop or reboot your device properly
  • Help : Link to the online help
  • Volumio Shop : Link to the Volumio shop where you'll find compatible and good-sounding hardware

3 - Track info zone

Metadata for the currently playing track:

  • First line : Album name
  • Second line : Track title
  • Third line : Artist name

4 - Volume control

  • Inside value : Current volume level
  • External circle : Graphic volume level. Change the volume by clicking on the arc.

5 - Timer zone

Miscellaneous info about the currently playing track:

  • First line : Sample rate / bit resolution
  • Second line : Ellapsed time
  • Third line : Total duration
  • Fourth line : Track source

6 - Track management controls

  • Left : Add to favorite
  • Middle : Add to playlist
  • Right : Go to - Artist/Album - Tweeter - Metadata for Credits with MyVolumio Superstar

7 - Album art display

Display album art for the played track or webradio, if available.

8 - Volume control buttons

  • Left : Lower volume
  • Middle : Mute
  • Right : Higher volume

9 - Multiroom zone

This shows all the available Volumio devices on your network and what they are playing. In the picture, the device called VOLUMIO-RPI2 is the one you are currently connected to (it is highlighted). The VOLUMIO-PINE64 device is silent and the VOLUMIO-SPARKY device is playing something else. To connect to another device, click on it.

10 - Browse

Clicking here shows all music available on your system (NAS, USB disk, webradio, Spotify, Youtube etc depending on plugins/options installed).

11- MyVolumio

MyVolumio settings

12 - Queue

Clicking here shows all the tracks currently queued to be played.