More first steps

On the left hand side of Volumio you can browse your music. The list in configurable to hide or show entries. To do that, go in settings/sources and select what you want to see in the list.

We already discovered the Playback tab in the previous page. Now let's see the content of the Browse tab and the Queue tab.

Browse tab

  • Clicking on the Browse tab will display all the music sources available on your system, with several options to browse through them.

1 - Favorites

  • Favorites : Access your favorite tracks

2 - Playlists

  • Playlists : Access your Playlists

3 - Music Library

  • Music Library : Access your music collection by storage device, folder and file

4 - Artists

  • Artists : Access your library by artist name

If you have MyVolumio Superstar, then you'll get metadata for the artist !

5 - Albums

  • Albums : Access your library by album title

If you have MyVolumio Superstar, then you'll get metadata for the album !

6 - Genres

  • Genres : Access your library by genres

7 - Media server

  • Media server : Access any media servers (UPNP/DLNA, Airplay) on your network

8 - Last 100

  • Last 100 : List the last 100 tracks played

9 - Web Radio

  • Web Radio : Access web radio. Volumio provides a large collection (several hundred) using TuneIn and Southcast, but you may add your own as well.

Adding a radio

  • To add your own radio, click as shown below :

and fill in the fields :

Now your radio is available in My Web Radios

10 - Other

  • Other : Depending on the plugins/options you have installed, you may have other items shown on the Browse page such as Spotify, Qobuz...

Queue tab

  • Clicking on the Queue tab (number 12 in previous page) will display the queue of the tracks that are going to be played and some queue controls.

1 - Random

  • Randomize the order tracks are played

2 - Repeat

  • Repeat the current track

3 - Save

  • Save the current queue as a playlist. Volumio will ask you to name the new Playlist.

4 - Clear queue

  • Clear the current queue

5 - Remove track

  • Remove track from the queue

More features

You can change the order of each track by clicking and moving it up or down.

This brings us to the end of our first exploration of Volumio. Later pages in this guide give details about the more advanced features.