Quick start guide

First Boot

  • Volumio's first boot will take usually longer, up to 6 minutes if you're on a Raspberry PI 1. Therefore, be patient of first boot and wait about 5 minutes before starting to use Volumio.
  • The first time Volumio starts, it will perform some operations:
  • Extend the filesystem to fill completely your SD Card\ Hard drive
  • Regenerate SSH keys, to make them unique to your device
  • Install some packages and configure the system
  • Generate new thumbnails for the default backgrounds

Network connection

  • Volumio works best when its connected to your Network, since it's meant to be used in an headless state: no monitor connected, and controlled via another device (PC, smartphone, tablet etc)
  • To connect Volumio to your network, simply attach an ethernet cable to it before starting it up
  • If no ethernet is available, you can connect to its hotstpot (see below) and connect to your Wi-fi Network. To do so, go to settings -> Network and connect it from there
  • IMPORTANT Do not configure your network manually via SSH, this can lead to issues and malfunctions

Volumio Hotspot

  • If your device has wireless capabilities (and a supported Wireless card) Volumio will create a Wireless Network called Volumio, the default password is volumio2
  • The Hotspot mode will allow you to connect to your Wireless Network without the need to a wired connection, just connect to Volumio Hotspot and configure your network on network options
  • Once your Wireless network has been configured, the Hotspot will no longer be visible
  • If, for whatever reason, your configured Wireless network is not available, Volumio will automatically re-enable the Hotspot
  • You can change the Hotspot options in the Network options, such as its name, password and channel (useful if you experience poor Hotspot performances)
  • Once in Hotspot Mode, Volumio can be reached with IP or via http://volumio.local as usual

UI connection

  • The UI can be accessed from any device with a browser: Tablets, PC, Mac, Android Phones, iPhones, Smart TVs, Ebook readers etc. Make sure you have the latest versions of their respective browsers. For an optimal experience, Google Chrome is suggested.
  • The UI can be accessed by typing Volumio's IP address on your browser. To find the IP address you can use:

Alternatively, the Volumio Official Android App offers a convenient way to access your Volumio device, without the need to know the IP address, thanks to auto discovery of Volumio. VOLUMIO OFFICIAL APP

  • Volumio UI can also be accessed by typing http://volumio.local, or if you renamed your Volumio device http://VOLUMIONAME.local .
  • Please note that this function is not available on Android devices, just on Mac and iOs or in Windows (if that does not work, install Bonjour )