SSH access on volumio

When SSH is activated on Volumio (see below how to) you can access your device using:

From Windows : Putty

From Linux : commande ssh from a terminal

From MacOs openssh

Once it is ready, use to log in:

  • user: volumio

  • password: volumio

Example (linux) : ssh volumio@

Type Enter. It retruns:

volumio@'s password:

Type volumio (password, case sensitive) and Enter

And here you are !

From here you can get a full access to your device. Some command requires Root privil├Ęges. To do that use sudo with password volumio

example sudo nano /etc/samba/smb.conf

WARNING! You can damage your Volumio with sudo. Editing system files may prevent Volumio to be updated over the air (integrity check will fail).

How to enable SSH

For security reasons, SSH is disabled by default on all versions after 2.199 (except first boot). It can be however enabled very easily. See below!

First method: DEV UI (easy)

Navigate to the DEV ui by pointing your browser to VOLUMIOIP/DEV or volumio.local/DEV . Find the SSH section, and click enable. From now on your SSH will be permanently enabled.

Note : You'll see no change when clicking on the button, but it will be ok.

Second method: file (more advanced)

Mount your SD card on your computer.

Create or copy a file called ssh in /boot . You can do it right after flashing Volumio, by creating it in the "Boot" partition of your SD Card.